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Creative Corner: A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels (Autobiographical Writing)

Hi guys! This is today's post as part of my Creative Corner section to present my best pieces of writing. This is an autobiographical text about a character I have created for my English class. He is based somewhat on myself and I hope you like it! Please comment below; I'd like to know what you think of it. Thanks!

A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels

Naim Daniels, 24, is a renowned British-Malaysian television journalist working with Aljazeera English news channel. He is engaged and is living in Moscow, Russia where he works as an international correspondent for the region.

My alarm blare its noise throughout the room at 6 o’clock in the morning, waking my cat Nikolai from his basket. I wake up hearing the faint sound of the adhan sounding from the city’s principal mosque. I hastily put on my winter jacket and boots and walked briskly over there for a congregational morning prayer. After returning from the mosque, I take a shower, get dressed and cook a light breakfast. I usually have a toast with a fried egg and a cup of black coffee to start the day. I love sipping my coffee while watching the morning news bulletin on Aljazeera or Russia 24. It gets me updated on what is going on around the world. I look at the clock on the wall of my apartment: quarter to 8, time to go to work. Every day I take the metro from my neighbourhood to my workplace on the other side of Moscow. I rarely drive here because of the horrendous traffic in this city, and also because I don’t own a car.

I usually arrive early at the bureau at half past 8. When working in Russia, punctuality is extremely important. Here, I am surrounded with colleagues with a very serious work ethic. I work as one of Aljazeera’s international correspondents in Russia. My job is to cover stories that are happening throughout the region and present them through TV and online platforms. Today is one of my less hectic work days; I have to finish a detailed analysis of the inner workings of the Kremlin. Not very interesting maybe, but on busier days I would be sent to travel to places far and wide to capture and report breaking news and events to be broadcasted on live television.

"...I have to finish a detailed analysis of the inner workings of the Kremlin."

Being a journalist was something I dreamed of for a very long time. Ever since I was seven, I regularly turned on the telly to watch BBC or Aljazeera. I have this huge fascination with being in the frontline of the ever-changing world of current events. I knew from that time, I wanted to be the person telling the whole world the news. I was determined to reach this goal. During my primary school years, I was living away from my ancestral homeland, Malaysia. I was used to living overseas as an expatriate, and at that time, I was living in Oman. I spent a huge chunk of my childhood there; it lasted until after I finished two years of secondary school.

"...I enrolled in the International Islamic School."

When I entered Year 9, I had to return to Malaysia. Over there I enrolled in the International Islamic School. Here I had my first experience living independently in hostel, and the precious experiences there have shaped who I am. I worked very hard in my studies. I knew that to achieve my dream, I had to struggle and strive in the right direction. I focused most of my tasks on studying but I also spent a lot of free time socialising with my friends. One of my closest buddies, Dr. Muhammad Zaahid is actually a friend of mine from the same hostel and school. He is the world-famous aeronautical engineer who designed the world’s first triple-decker aircraft!

My efforts in my studies paid off, but it would be impossible if it were not for the never-ending support of my parents and grandparents, who supported my plans to become an international journalist. The results came out for my IGCSE exams and I achieved A-star grades for all nine subjects! My greatest achievement then was also being awarded first in the world for English as a First Language! I could not believe at first that I accomplished such a prestigious award. Immediately after that I was awarded a full scholarship by the University of Central Lancashire where I furthered my studies for Foundations and degrees. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and the Russian Language and a Masters degree in International Law and Political Science. I was eager to start my career and the first news company which received me was Aljazeera English. They accepted my job application and I have been working there ever since.

At lunchtime I leave the bureau to have lunch in a small Uzbek restaurant a few blocks away. I occasionally eat there because it is the only halal eatery within the locality. If I eat in the Soviet-themed canteen in the bureau, I can only eat breads and salads. I tuck into a steaming plate of plov, a hearty rice-and-mutton dish perfect for a cold winter’s day. While sipping my freshly-brewed tea, my fiancé calls me on the phone. Her name is Natalya and we have been engaged for two months now. She likes telling me telling me about how her day went and is always asking me about mine, and we then would tell how much we love each other and send kisses through the phone. We are planning to marry in two months if I don’t have any big news stories to report on by then.

At last, I finish my pages of typed analysis and hand it in to my editor. My work officially ends at 5 but sometimes I even stay until 7 o’clock in the evening. I feel exhausted by after a long day in my office but my friend Dr. Zaahid wants me to meet him the juice bar tonight. I always go with him to drink and chat about how the day went and also about the good old times we had in hostel during our teenage years.  I come home at around 8 or 9 o’clock every day. I pick up Nikolai from my neighbour’s house (he takes care of him while I’m away) and feed him some of his favourite caviar-flavoured cat food before going to sleep. I myself then change my clothes, brush my teeth and fall asleep in seconds after going through another day of my life.

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