Monday, 26 January 2015

This Blog Will Stay! Don't Go Away!

Greetings, my readers!

As you may already know, I was phasing out this blog to focus on its new WordPress version. However today, I decided to make a u-turn to the whole idea of abandoning this place.

I have come to the conclusion that this blog will remain operational as a mirror blog to the WordPress version. Any new posts I will publish on the WordPress site will be copied into a new post or published, or, linked in a post if it is more WordPress-specific.

Where did I get this idea and why the sudden change from "I will leave Blogger" rhetoric?

As I explained earlier in the last post, I did not leave Blogger out of hate. I think it was more of the desire to build new relationships with other bloggers, which I wasn't getting at all.

However today, I found this amazingly written and beautifully designed Blogger blog by Renard Moreau which is called "The Chronicles of Renard". I found this site after he left me a comment in my WordPress blog. Out of curiosity and interest, I decided to see who this guy was and lo and behold, he is both a Blogger and a WordPresser!!!

My first reaction when I saw his Blogger Blog was of awe and wonder. I never knew a Blogger Blog could be so amazingly designed with such personalised customisations! Clearly this was not an official theme from Blogger's theme options.

Renard recently wrote a post celebrating "The Beauty of Blogging on Blogger". After reading it, I couldn't agree more with what he had to say. He was right about having to be patient to gain lots of followers and readers on Blogger. It's slow to the point of being mentally excruciating, but it pays in the end.

How is that true for me? I don't know whether this is a cheap technical glitch courtesy of Google Inc., but yesterday, this blog received a total of 298 pageviews! How on earth did that happen?!

You may call it a purely anomalous statistical data, but I believe that this is a sign telling me not to give up on Blogger.

Back to Renard's blog-post, I believe that what he wrote there was very inspirational and motivational for many Bloggers, including myself. He was right when Blogger was filled with "pleasant surprises", and what happened yesterday proved that. I am optimistic that it could only get better as I continue doing what I am doing: blogging regularly and sharing it with people through social media. That way, I am sure that traffic would pick up on both the platforms I am using.

So to sum it up to my main point: yes, I am continuing this blog as usual, my WordPress blog is an additional blog which will receive the same content plus WordPress-specific content. This Blogger blog will also have some of its own platform-exclusive content based on whatever topic I'm writing. To join the two together, I will pepper the sites with links to both versions so that not only traffic could be evenly spread out, but also to give fair treatment and appreciation to both platforms.


  1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for those kind words, Ahmad. I feel totally honoured.

    I am pleased to know that you have decided to blog on both WordPress and on Blogger.

    I promise to give you my unwavering support in the blogosphere.

    Hopefully, the traffic towards your blog will increase.

  2. Good luck with this. I am pleased that you plan to remain on Blogger and am glad you found Renard's blog helpful. I thought he summed it up very well indeed.

  3. Thank you Renard and Ray for the encouraging comments, I appreciate them very much!

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