Sunday, 20 December 2015

Yesterday's A Birthday - My First Blogger Post in Ages

2015: It's been a crazy year.

By crazy, I really mean it. Yesterday, I just turned 18 and now I am legally an adult, at least in the eye of the law. Naturally, I feel that nothing has changed though, so I am just my same self. My 17-year old from two days before is hardly different in appearance and thinking from the 18-year-old of today. Nevertheless, this year I feel that the process of maturing and aging has been rather sped up, not least by the workload and pressure from my pre-university course in my school NCBIS, and applying for universities (oh the joy of it all...).

Right now I have just started my three-week winter holiday where I am supposed to "relax", although teachers have piled up a considerable amount of Arbeit which I can never escape from without failing my course. Today is kind of a three-day weekend for me, when I will start doing actual school-related work tomorrow so that I don't cram everything in the last minute. I also have to create a schedule to organise my revision for all of my six subjects for my mock and actual exams. The mere thought of it makes me cringe in anxiety and disgust.

Despite all of that pallava for the past several months, I make sure I keep doing what I love doing online, which is updating and writing on my blog(s) once a month. Unfortunately, if you were regularly looking for updates on this version of my blog, you would be quite disappointed. I make very little to no effort to update and add new content on Blogger simply because I have become so used to the WordPress blogging platform. I also get fast feedback from other bloggers who notice what I post, so I am pretty satisfied with the service overall. Blogger on the other hand lacks the same kind of noticeability among other bloggers because Google would prefer to invest in other social platforms such as Google Plus and YouTube (at least, that's how I see it...). I have no intention to post as regularly as I do on WordPress in this website, but as much as I like to have all traffic diverted to my WordPress because managing one blog is easier, I have to show readers here that I still exist.

So as a courtesy to catch up with everything I missed to put here, here is a link of all the posts I made on WordPress since April.

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